NREA Alarmed by President Obama’s Plan to Increase the Price of Electricity

LINCOLN (June 25, 2013) – The Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA) is disappointed in President Obama's Climate Action Plan to vastly increase regulations on our nation's coal generation power plants.  The plan will add significant costs to the generation of electricity hitting rural and low-income Americans the hardest.

Following is a statement from Troy Bredenkamp, general manager of the Nebraska Rural Electric Association:

“The President’s plan will hit rural families and businesses in Nebraska disproportionately hard,” said Bredenkamp. “Rural communities have been put through an economic wringer for the better part of a decade; they’ve made incredible sacrifices. What sense does it make for the President to increase the cost of electricity for those that can least afford it?”

“Ultimately, public power districts and electric cooperatives are about keeping electric bills affordable, ensuring reliable service to our customers, and providing our communities the power they need to improve their quality of life,” said Bredenkamp. “The President’s proposal will unnecessarily make electric power more expensive, causing families and businesses to sacrifice on top of all the other uncertainty in our national economy.  Without question, electric bills will increase for the Nebraskans who can least afford to pay them.”

“If the President doesn’t see the importance of affordable electric power, Nebraska’s rural electric utilities will help bring it to his attention.”

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The Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA) is the private non-profit trade association for 34 rural electric systems that provide electric service to consumers in most of the rural areas and many of the small towns in the great State of Nebraska. Together, the more than 950 dedicated employees of our member-systems serve approximately 231,000 meters across more than 87,000 miles of line.