Nebraska Impact COVID19 Relief Fund

Submitted by UNANIMOUS on Wed, 04/13/2022 - 09:50

The Nebraska Impact COVID19 Relief Fund is a partnership between Nebraska Impact, the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation, and the Office of Governor Pete Ricketts. The fund, which will be managed by the leadership of these entities, will provide direct aid to communities and organizations working to mitigate the impact of the COVID19 outbreak across Nebraska.

Specifically, money donated to the Nebraska Impact COVID19 Relief Fund will be directed through the statewide Community Collaboratives that are part of Bring Up Nebraska ( – a program administered by Nebraska Children and Families Foundation. Funds will help individual communities meet their needs depending upon their particular circumstances. This could include assistance for rent, mortgages, and utilities as well as to supplement food pantries and provide schools supplies to students from low-income families now studying from home.

The collaborations bring together critical community players – community leaders, service providers, educators, health care professionals, law enforcement, businesses, elected officials and government officials – who work toward the end goal of improving well-being. Utilizing the Community Collaboratives assures that funds are used in a targeted, strategic way to meet the specific needs of each individual community. With the assistance and support of the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, each Community Collaborative has an intimate understanding of its community’s needs, challenges, and strengths and is best situated to help solve the problems of its citizens.

Nebraska’s Community Collaboratives have been a proven resource for our state, successfully tackling a variety of complicated tasks. From improving outcomes for children and families by providing focused prevention and support services to providing leadership and coordination during the 2019 floods, the Collaboratives have provided the kind of local leadership that is critical to overcoming any emergency.

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