NREA Member Services

The NREA board of directors has established numerous objectives to be carried out by their association for the benefit of its thirty-four members, their directors and employees, and their electric consumers/owners. The employees of NREA, with assistance from the directors and employees of the rural electric cooperatives and public power districts that are its members, are dedicated to achieving these objectives. Working together, we can make rural Nebraska a better and safer place to live and work.

Director and Employee Development

To provide and to coordinate programs designed to improve the skills and abilities of the directors and employees of our member-systems so they may provide better service to their consumers.

Electric Power Utilization 

To encourage the efficient use of electric energy in the home, in business and industry, and in agriculture, so the benefits of efficient electric use can accrue to the individual consumer.

Job Training and Safety

To provide a comprehensive Job Training and Safety Education Program (JT&S) for the employees of our member-systems which will enable them to work safely and productively. Learn more >>

Legal Advice

To provide legal advice on those occasions when a legal issue is of such magnitude to affect more than one member-system or represents an interpretation of the state laws which govern the operations of the rural electric systems in Nebraska.

Legislative Activity

To provide a strong voice for the state's rural electric systems in the Nebraska legislature and the United States Congress so the interests of their consumers and of all the people of Nebraska may be protected. Learn more >>


To publish a statewide publication for our member's consumers and the general public which contributes to their understanding of rural electrification, their rural electric systems, and support for good legislation and administrative conditions for their rural electric systems. Learn more >>

Member Information and Services

To provide those special services which are requested by individual systems, which can be accomplished through the cooperation of all members and to serve as a central source of information concerning rural electric issues and problems so the operations of each individual system can benefit.

Power Supply

To assist member-systems in their relationships with wholesale power suppliers so the individual consumer can be assured of a reliable and adequate supply of low cost electric energy.

Public Information

To provide an information and education program on a statewide basis using newspapers, magazines, radio and television, exhibits, and other media to promote a better understanding of issues facing rural electric systems and residents of rural areas.

Regulatory Compliance Services

To provide assistance to member-systems in complying with state and federal regulations and responding to proposed regulations and amendments at the state and federal level. Learn more >>

Territorial Integrity

To assist in the protection of the service areas of the rural electric systems of Nebraska so their consumers can be guaranteed continued reliability of service without the increased costs which can result from the loss of revenue due to the takeover of parts of their service area by other electric suppliers.

Women in Rural Electrification (WIRE)

The purpose of WIRE is to assist the NREA board of directors and management in achieving the Association's objectives and to support the NREA Youth Energy Leadership Camp. Learn more >>

Youth Programs

To assist the young people growing up in the areas served by our members in becoming future leaders in their rural communities. Learn more >>