Public Power Cares

Submitted by UNANIMOUS on Wed, 04/13/2022 - 16:46

This month’s Working for Nebraska video is about the troubling times we find ourselves in.  COVID has wreaked havoc on our nation’s economy and many are struggling.  Your public power utility may be able to help. 

This video truly highlights the difference between public power and privately owned investor owned utilities.  Nebraska’s rural electric member systems work hard to provide electric service to the most rural areas of our state.  Beyond your electric service, our employees are connected to the communities they serve.  We care deeply about the communities we work in and devote time and energy to make sure our small towns continue to thrive.

Whether it’s installing storm warning sirens, helping coach the t-ball team, packing meals for those in need, or serving on the volunteer fire department, our employees are actively engaged in our home communities.  Your rural public power district or cooperative provides good, well-paying jobs and keeps these workers in Nebraska’s small towns where they can contribute to the local economy and raise their families.

Nebraska’s rural electric utilities invest in their local communities.  The employees of your rural electric system are not just utility workers; they are your friends and neighbors and are hard at work in your community long after they clock out.

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