Tim Stethem Receives Good Neighbor Award

Submitted by UNANIMOUS on Wed, 04/13/2022 - 13:45

Tim Stethem, operations manager, at Loup Valleys Rural Public Power District, is the recipient of the 2021 Good Neighbor Award for his continued commitment to the safety and well-being of the employees at Loup Valleys RPPD, especially his selfless dedication of time and treasure.

Tim started at Loup Valleys RPPD in 1995 after graduating from Northeast Community College. In January 2021, he was asked to take on the duties of operations manager and still cover his existing line superintendent position. This was an extremely challenging task, but Tim made a seamless transition helping Loup Valleys RPPD become a team-oriented environment that is very safe, efficient, and an enjoyable workplace. He is currently the operations manager with 26 years of service.

One evening Tim learned that a fellow employee, not in his department, was suffering from severe depression. He spent many hours making very difficult evaluations and decisions to help get the individual to a safe place that night. He had to make unpopular decisions with the employee that night, but he kept him safe. He also followed up with this employee for several years helping him to get back to a good mental state.

Just a few years ago, a lineman at Loup Valleys RPPD lost his significant other – mother of their two little girls in a head-on collision. Tim became very close and helpful to this lineman, and he spent time with the lineman nearly every night for at least two years and they are now very close friends. During this time, Tim opened his home to the lineman and his little girls when the lineman had to go out on outages day or night for work. Tim is also selfless in others time of need; he is the first to toss something in the hat to help others or deliver meals to their homes.

Ron Sandoz, manager at Loup Valleys RPPD, said that “Tim is not only a great asset to me, but an impressive leader at Loup Valleys RPPD. He is a person that you are most appreciative to have at your company, on your management team, and as a neighbor.”

Outside of work, Tim helps friends with carpentry projects and his three children keep him very busy with their sporting events.

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