Associate Members

NREA presently has six associate members which either have a direct wholesale power supply arrangement with our members or generate electricity that contributes to our member's power supply. We welcome as associate members those other utilities with which we share common goals and with whom we desire a closer working relationship as we face the challenges of a changing electric industry.

NREA also has established a "Grassroots Associate membership" category to allow the employees and directors of our member systems to enjoy the many benefits of membership in NREA. To learn more about our associate members, please visit the sites listed below, or read on.

Nebraska Electric Generation & Transmission Cooperative, Inc.

The Nebraska Electric Generation and Transmission Cooperative, Inc. (NEG&T) was incorporated in 1956, with the current 20 members joining shortly after its formation. The members of NEG&T are all rural electric distribution systems that are also members of NREA. Their distribution service areas cover most of Eastern and Central Nebraska and the southwestern corner of the state. Darin Bloomquist is the General Manager of NEG&T. It is headquartered in Columbus, Nebraska, at: 

2472 18th Ave.
Columbus, Nebraska  68602
Phone: 402/564-8142