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The purpose of WIRE is to assist the NREA board of directors and management in achieving the Association's objectives and to support the NREA Youth Energy Leadership Camp.

WIRE offers scholarships annually for youth attending the NREA Youth Energy Leadership Camp that meet certain criteria.

WIRE provides scholarship opportunities for students at the utility line schools in the State of Nebraska. These scholarships are offered through the respective foundation offices at the colleges.  For additional information contact the Northeast Community College Foundation at (402) 844-7658 or Western Nebraska Community College Foundation at (308) 630-6550.

Membership is open to spouses of NREA member-system directors and employees, spouses of NREA employees, female employees of NREA member-systems, and female consumers of NREA member-systems invited to join by the organization.  Dues are currently $5.00 a year.  Member-systems are honored annually for 100 percent membership in WIRE.

WIRE meets once a year in conjunction with the NREA Annual Meeting to conduct a business meeting and social networking.

Officers of the organization include a president, president-elect, and a secretary-treasurer.  Current officers are:  Courtney Giesenhagen, President (Perennial PPD); Gwen Vitosh, President-Elect (Norris PPD); and Judith Woods, Secretary-Treasurer (South Central PPD).