NREA Suppliers Group

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Membership in the NREA Supplier's Group entitles your organization to participate in the social events at the following rural electric events:

  • NREA Technology Conference
  • NREA Managers Association Meeting Golf Outing
  • NREA Accountants Club Meeting
  • NREA Job Training & Safety Annual Conference
  • NREA Engineering Seminar
  • NREA Annual Meeting

A social hour is sponsored by the Suppliers Group at each of these events. The sponsorship of these functions is covered by the annual fees. The annual fee is a nominal fee for a company's participation and more economical than attempting to individually sponsor social functions.

During these events people from the rural electrics get a chance to visit with the representatives from your organization. Each company's name will be published in a brochure distributed to meeting participants at each of these above events.

As a member of the NREA Suppliers Group, your organization and representative(s) are also listed in the NREA Membership Directory published by NREA each spring. You will also receive a free copy of this directory.

Membership Rates

New Membership and Renewal Rate: $360

This fee represents the basic cost for sponsorship and promotion for your organization (two individuals) and allows the listing of your company name and two individuals, as well as participation in the NREA Suppliers Group-sponsored events listed above by two representatives of your company. 

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