Government Relations

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NREA staff members represent the rural electric point of view on a variety of issues in Congress, the Nebraska Unicameral and those state and federal agencies whose policies and programs impact the rural electric program and electric consumers in Nebraska and the nation. NREA Director of Government Relations James Dukesherer is a registered lobbyist acting on behalf of NREA's member-systems.

NREA lobbyists have the strength of 34 member-systems behind them when they represent the Association before Congress, the Unicameral, or state and federal agencies. Staff members provide daily representation while the Unicameral is in session. They appear before legislative committees, draft legislation, and carry the rural electric message to the 49 members of the Unicameral.

While NREA staff members are able to have a daily presence at the Unicameral, it is the grassroots support from our individual member-systems, their directors, employees, and customers that leads to our ultimate success. We encourage all of our members' directors and employees to stay in close contact with their state senators and members of Congress throughout the year. Below is a link to a listing of Nebraska's state senators and below that is a map showing the location of their legislative districts in relation to NREA's members' service areas.

Action Committee for Rural Electrification

ACRE logoACRE®--Action Committee for Rural Electrification--Your opportunity to make a difference. Rural electric system employees and consumers need representatives in Congress and the Unicameral who understand the important issues affecting rural electric service providers and who will fight for rural electric consumers. ACRE® is a Political Action Committee (PAC), whose core membership is the network of 1,000 consumer-owned, non-profit rural electric systems across the country, including Nebraska. ACRE® member contributions work to support the campaigns of candidates who support rural electrification locally and nationally. ACRE's® strength comes from the members and our commitment to rural electrification. It is each individual's membership that helps us stand together and allows ACRE® to remain strong and promote the legislative objectives of the rural electric program.

ACRE® is a uniquely structured PAC with individual contributions ranging generally from $25 per year to $1000 per year. The membership recognition levels are:

  • Regular membership = $25 per year
  • Century Club membership = $100 per year
  • ​Vice President's Club membership ​= $250 per year
  • President's Club membership = $500 per year
  • Leadership Circle membership = $1000 per year

Grassroots' at Work--The Take Action Network

Rural electric advocates who want to play a role in shaping government policy have a new tool at their fingertips. The Take Action Network is an electronic grassroots advocacy program that encourages rural electric directors, employees, and consumers to contact their elected federal representatives regarding issues of importance to rural electric systems.

Anyone who is concerned with rural electric issues can take advantage of this new resource by registering at the link below. After logging in, users can send a letter prepared by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association to their U.S. Representative or Senators with one click of a button. The Nebraska congressional delegation will receive instantaneous information from their constituents prior to important votes. The program takes advantage of Nebraska's public power systems greatest strength: their consumer-owners and constituents. 

Below are links to the websites of Nebraska's congressional delegation. Also, above you will find a map showing Nebraska's three House of Representatives' districts in relation to the service territories of our member-systems.

  • Senator Benjamin Sasse
  • Senator Deb Fischer
  • Representative Don Bacon
  • Representative Adrian Smith